The account without bank!

To receive and issue payments in all simplicity!  

Smile Account

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Account for all

Simplicity in our client admission policy


Free account

With no hidden fees and not linked to a bank account


Account available in 5 minutes

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Discover everything you can do with your Smile account

Consulta de saldo y movimientos

Set up a direct deposit for your income (wages, pension, etc.) 

Recargar tarjeta

Set up a direct deposit for your electricity, telephone and insurance bills  

Retirada de efectivo

Card payment and cash withdrawal  

How does it work?

  • Open your account from the age of 12 years in only 5 minutes

  • Refill your account in one of your Moneytrans network agencies or directly online with a credit card

  • Online client space to consult your account and make your transactions

The benefits for you:

  • Real-time access to your balance  
  • Make national transfers  
  • Send money in more than 140 countries  
  • Manage your bills  
  • The possibility to link your SMILE account with our MASTERCARD

For your flat-sharing


For your expenses


For your trips


To buy online with greater security  


To better manage your budget


An alternative to a joint account 

  • Moneytrans has become much more than a Money Transfer Operator. Our goal is to create a multiservice approach strengthening the financial inclusion of migrants and underbanked population through as many relevant services as possible, either through traditional retail channels or online. We are therefore expanding the reach of our service package by integrating banking solutions into our current platform allowing the provision of IBAN payment accounts to our customers. Quite a revolution in our industry!

    Jeremy De Smet CEO
Smile Account