Our EasyCard, safer than cash
and accepted around the world

Activate – Recharge- Enjoy

What are the advantages of Moneytrans’ EasyCard?

With the EasyCard MasterCard Prepaid you can buy comfortably, without exceeding your budget and without bank account.

¡You’ll control the movements of the whole family!


Without bank account

The Moneytrans card doesn’t need to be linked to any bank account in order to use it.


No activation fee

To get the Mastercard you don’t need to pay anything, just decide the amount you want to top up.


Maximum control and management

You can control your budget and movements easily from the web.


For the whole family

You can give access to other cards from yours to control those movements too.

Discover everything you can do with your EasyCard

Realizar compras

Shopping in shops

Retirada de efectivo

Withdrawal of cash in ATMs

Transferencia entre tarjetas

Transfer between cards

Compras online

Online shopping

Consulta de saldo y movimientos

Check your balance and movements

Recargar tarjeta

Recharge your card

Your EasyCard options

You can request the Moneytrans’ EasyCard that suits you best according to your needs. Discover here the characteristics of each option!

¡Compare our EasyCard options and choose yours! ANONYMOUS

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Annual limit 250€ 3.000€ 15.000€
Top-up Not possible Possible Possible
ATM No Only in Belgium In the world
Territory Only in Belgium Only in Belgium In the world *
Necessary documents No: if you buy in a point of sale.

Yes: if you do it online.

Name+ date and place of birth + telephone + Address Yes: copy of ID document and proof of recent address (<3 months)

Are you studying abroad?

If you are studying away from home or you are an Erasmus, this card will get you out of more than one predicament. Your family can top it up at any time.



You Don’t Want To Pay Fees?

Your EasyCard doesn’t involve any set-up fee! To get it, you only have to decide the amount you want to put in.



Do You Want To Control Your Family’s Budget?

You can check your balance, control the whole family’s budget and do any transaction on the webpage at any time. It’s very easy!



Thinking Of Travelling?

With your EasyCard you can pay anywhere in the world that accepts Mastercard cards. The perfect solution for a perfect trip!


  • Moneytrans has become much more than a Money Transfer Operator. Our goal is to create a multiservice approach strengthening the financial inclusion of migrants and underbanked population through as many relevant services as possible, either through traditional retail channels or online. We are therefore expanding the reach of our service package by integrating banking solutions into our current platform allowing the provision of IBAN payment accounts to our customers. Quite a revolution in our industry!

    Jeremy De Smet Chief Operating Officer
  • I have been working with them since the beginning and I trust them. They pay very well, the exchange rate is good and they are also quick. They pay in an easy way. They give me a lot of confidence and my clients are very happy.

    Jamal Bennouna Moneytrans Agent
  • I love sending via Moneytrans because the service is very special, the exchange rate is high and what’s more it is a company which inspires a lot of confidence. My family always receives the money quickly and with no problems.

    Moneytrans Client (Argentina). Moneytrans Client (Argentina).
  • I trust Moneytrans because every time I sent money my people have received it without any problem and also, when I wanted to withdraw it, there were no problems.

    Richard Ampong Moneytrans Client (Ghana)
  • I have been in Spain for about ten years and when I started working I had a lot of difficulties sending my money to Brazil. A friend recommended Moneytrans, so I took a chance and went to a booth and started with my money transfers. I do not regret anything and I never had problems, the attention is wonderful. Little by little they have been innovating the system, nowadays I do not have to go to the parlor and it is all much easier. I enter my money directly into your account and in the concept I indicate my client code. Then they call me to confirm the shipping information. The attention is great. They always attend you to solve your doubts, give advice, explain the procedure, guide you ... Always pay on the same day. I recommend that you send with Moneytrans, sure you will not regret it.

    Monica Ramos Moneytrans Client (Brazil).
  • We work ceaselessly to build bridges between online and retail, B2C and B2B, tradition and modernity (fintech) with the only objective of improving people´s lives. I believe in equal opportunities for EVERYBODY, therefore our services are so accessible.

    Francisco Sanchez-Apellániz, Moneytrans CEO & Founder
  • Our collaboration with Moneytrans always goes a step beyond. In the near future we hope to reinforce our work to offer our services online and perform transfers both to individuals’ bank accounts and our Russian bank cards.

    Elena Gafarova VP for international development