What are the available methods of payment on the website?


Just like you can chose between different payment options for your beneficiary abroad, Moneytrans offers you different ways to pay your transactions online, including by debit card (using the Bancontact/Mistercash or Maestro technology) or by credit card. Be advised, however, that only credit cards issued by Visa and MasterCard are accepted on our website. We also do not accept prepaid cards that have not been issued directly by Moneytrans (the EasyCard) and we require all debit and credit cards used on our website to be authenticated using the “3-D Secure” Technology, which requires a digipass provided by your banking institution.

The debit / credit card payment option is not available from the DRC

Important note: additional fees may apply to electronic payments made using certain credit cards. We thus recommend that you check first with your card issuer what charges may apply to your payments made online with your credit card.

You can also choose to pay your online transaction by bank transfer. This option may slightly delay the processing of your money transfer order, as we will only validate it once we have received your funds on our bank account, but it will make you benefit from reduced transaction fees, as the processing costs are lower.

The iMoneytrans website will display the instructions related to each payment method, once you reach the stage of paying your online transaction.